Opening Conference @ Sde Boker

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Tali Kaufman (Bar-Ilan University)

Where and when

Sde Boker, Israel, from 29.10 to 2.11 (2017)


See the registration form. Deadline: Sep. 29, 2017.

School Description

The school is a 5 day event. The school will try to cover different aspects of the emerging field of high dimensional expanders. The School will be composed of several lecture series that will be delivered by young and exciting scientists that work on these topics.

Financial Support

Lodging and meals will be provided to all accepted participants.
Unfortunately, we cannot offer travel support.

Lecturers and Topics

Uriya First and Uzi Vishne

Ramanujan complexes

Ori Parzanchevski

Introduction to buildings and some quantum computation

Uli Wagner

Topological overlapping from co-systolic expansion

Ron Rosenthal

Random simplicial complexes

Nir Lazarovich

Cubical complexes

Zur Luria

Designs (Keevash)

Izhar oppenheim

Garland method

Anna Gundert

Random complexes and Garland

Yuval Peled

Phase transition of random simplical complexes